When it comes to local food, we're the only game in town. We cover the fabulous food + drink culture in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. That makes us the area’s most targeted publication. If your aim is to reach healthy food lovers and healthy living advocates in our community, you couldn’t get more targeted than by positioning yourself with edible Reno-Tahoe.

We're growing while other print publications are suffering. Even before edible Reno-Tahoe launched on March 6, 2010, we had 1,100 fans on Facebook, 120 paid subscribers, and a lot of excitement over the first issue, including a launch party that attracted thousands of participants. In addition, we garnered 60 advertisers in our first issue, which broke the record for the most number of ads sold for a first-time edible magazine (of 62 in the Edible family).

Also, edible Communities (of which edible Reno-Tahoe is part) increased ad sales by 30 percent and added 12 new magazines in 2009 over 2008. In addition, edible Communities was honored by Bon Appetit magazine as one of the Top 10 hot food trends of 2009. While other magazines are cutting back or going out of business, we're thriving!

Finally, in May 2011 Edible Communities and its 70 publications were honored by the James Beard Foundation as Publication of the Year, a category created specifically for the group. The James Beard awards are the Oscars of food journalism, so this is quite an honor

edible readers are concerned, connected, savvy, and community minded. These are exactly the sorts of customers you want. They influence their friends, telling them where to shop, where to eat, what to cook, what to drink, and why.

Your ad gets read! Our readers devour each issue cover to cover and we have more content than ads, which means your message won’t be lost in a sea of ads.

You'll get lots of value from every advertising dollar. Advertisers receive coverage in the Advertiser Directory, our print and online guide to advertisers. And advertisers are a key distribution point for the magazine. And if you run out of copies, we refill them, on demand, while supplies last.

Read what our advertisers have to say about their experience with edible Reno-Tahoe.

If you'd like to share your message with edible Reno-Tahoe readers or edible RenoTahoe.com visitors, please contact our advertising sales department at 775-746-3299 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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