Wedding and Event Cleanup

Magic Does Happen


Your magical day has ended, your dreams have come true. Now the cleaning is up to you.
Oh, not really! For you planned very well to use our service without fail.
Cleaning and packing are what we do, then deliver it the next day right to you.
So give us a call to save your day for magic and memories, and then go play!

Wedding and Event Cleanup takes care of the hassle of post-wedding cleanup. After your event has ended, our staff will arrive to carefully pack up all the items you’ve brought on site, from the family photos and guest book at your sign-in table to the centerpieces, flowers, favors, furniture, and more, then load it onto our trailer. We’ll clean the venue to the degree required in order for you to get back your deposit. And the next day, we’ll deliver all your belongings safely to your home, so you can unpack it all at your leisure. 

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion, but with it come a million little details that can create stress. Let us handle this one, so your family can revel in the magic of your new marriage without worry about cleaning up the wedding. 

Wedding and Event Cleanup
505 Ridge St., Reno

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