Quick Space

Extraordinary Luxury for Your Wedding Day


Quick Space offers wedding guests unparalleled luxury when it comes to an often-overlooked detail. The fleet of luxury restrooms present unrivaled amenities, such as music, climate control, warm running water, private stalls, and fireplaces with customizable flame colors, allowing couples to extend their wedding décor to even the most unexpected places. The attractive interiors consist of rich wood, textured walls, and modern features. 

The luxury restrooms can include a restroom attendant if desired, extending a deeper level of assistance to guests. The luxury trailers offer a clean and spacious area for dresses and gowns, allowing guests and the wedding party a space to freshen up or even prepare for the event. Event hosts are given the option to include additional personal touches by adding décor or an amenities basket to the restroom. 

With a variety of sizes available, the special event team can assist hosts in choosing the best solution for each specific event. Choosing the appropriate luxury restroom can help minimize wait times so guests are back to enjoying the special day. 

Sometimes the smallest detail is the most important. Treat your guests to the comfort that only Quick Space can provide. 

Quick Space
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