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When Tradition Get's Crack'd!

Crack’d Toffee is handmade — and hand crack’d — in small batches in the California foothills. Its owners are proud of their artisanal process that allows them to maintain strict control over every batch while delivering exceptional taste in every bite.

The recipe at the heart of Crack’d toffee has been passed from mother to daughter, sister to sister, and friend to friend through the time-honored tradition of gathering around the kitchen to make something truly exceptional. But even the finest of life’s treasures can be refined, and there comes a time to break with the old … when tradition gets Crack’d!

Currently, Crack’d toffee is sold online ( and in select retail outlets. With a flavor for every taste, Crack’d toffee is available in Original/Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Premium Dark Roast, and Vegan Dark Chocolate.

The owners at Crack’d truly enjoy the look on customers’ faces when they enjoy their first bites of toffee, and they treasure working to help “sweeten” special events and celebrations. They can work one on one with you to personalize your experience. Their toffees are sold in bulk for dessert bars or in small taster boxes for favors and gifts, and they can gift wrap their traditional packaging to suit your needs.

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