Your Guide to Reno-Tahoe’s Imbibing Culture

 The Reno-Tahoe region has become saturated with amazing local breweries, distilleries, and bottle shops over the past few years. We have many local experts and drink artisans experimenting with flavors and production. We created this guide so you could support local next time you’re imbibing. Whether the business is new or old, it’s on this list. Enjoy!


The Brewing Lair 67007 State Hwy. 70; 530-394-0940;; Find The Brewing Lair on Facebook.


Bella Fiore Wines 224 S. Carson St.; 775-888-WINE (9463);; Find Bella Fiore Wines on Facebook.
Just Brew It 1214 N. Carson St.; 775-461-0641;; Find Just Brew It on Facebook.
Shoe Tree Brewing Co. 1500 Old Hot Springs Road;; Find Shoe Tree Brewing Company on Facebook.


Churchill Vineyards 1045 Dodge Lane; 775-423-4000;; Find Churchill Vineyards on Facebook.
Frey Ranch Estate Distillery 1045 Dodge Lane; 775-423-4000;; Find Frey Ranch Estate Distillery on Facebook.


Alibi Ale Works Incline Brewery and Taproom 204 E. Enterprise St.; 775-298-7001;; Find Alibi Ale Works on Facebook.
Brewforia Beer Market + Kitchen 800 Tahoe Blvd.; 775-298-7660; ; Find Brewforia Beer Market + Kitchen on Facebook.


Bently Heritage 1609 Hwy. 395; 775-783-4600;; Find Bently Heritage on Facebook.


10 Torr Distilling and Brewing 490 Mill St.; 775-499-5276;, Find 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing on Facebook.
Beer NV 15 Foothill Road, Ste. 1; 775-448-6199;; Find Beer NV on Facebook.
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Reno: 13999 S. Virginia St.; 775-853-7575;; Find BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Reno, NV) on Facebook.
Branded Hearts Distillery 121 Woodland Ave., Ste. 160; 775-720-3586;; Find Branded Hearts Distillery on Facebook.
Brasserie Saint James brewing 901 S. Center St.; 775-348-8888;; Find Brasserie Saint James on Facebook.
Craft Wine & Beer 22 Martin St.; 775-622-4333;; Find Craft Wine and Beer on Facebook.
Fine Vines 6300 Mae Anne Ave., Ste. 3; 775-787-6300;; Find Fine Vines Cheese & Wines on Facebook.
Forsaken River Spirits 255 Bell St.;; Find Forsaken River Spirits on Facebook.
Great Basin Brewing Co. 5525 S. Virginia St.; 775-281-7711;; Find Great Basin Brewing Company on Facebook.
IMBIB Custom Brews 785 E. Second St.; 775-303-3385;; Find Imbib Custom Brews on Facebook.
Lead Dog Brewing Co. 415 E. Fourth St.; 775-391-5110; : Find Lead Dog Brewing Co. on Facebook.
Mellow Fellow Gastropub 300 E. Second St.; 775-657-8946;; Find Mellow Fellow of Reno on Facebook.
Pigeon Head Brewery 840 E. Fifth St., 775-276-6766;; Find Pigeon Head Brewery on Instagram and Facebook.
Piñon Bottle Co. 777 S. Center St.; 775-376-1211; Find Piñon Bottle on Facebook.
Reno Brew Bike 10 Ralston St.; 775-771-0164;; Find Reno Brew Bike on Facebook.
Reno Public House 33 Saint Lawrence Ave.; 775-657-8449;; Find Reno Public House on Facebook.
Sierra Tap House 253 W. First St.; 775-322-7678;; Find Sierra Tap House on Facebook.
Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery Silver Peak: 124 Wonder St., 775-324-1864; River Peak: 135 N. Sierra St., 775-284-3300;; Find Silver Peak Restaurant and Brewery on Facebook.
Stoneyhead Brewing 5301 Longley Lane; 775-829-2337;; Find StoneyHead Brewery on Facebook.
The Brew Brothers 345 N. Virginia St. (Inside the Eldorado Resort Casino); 775-786-5700;; Find The Brew Brothers on Facebook.
The Brewer’s Cabinet
Brewpub Restaurant and Pilot Brewery: 475 S. Arlington Ave., 775-348-7481; BC Tap Room & Gift Shop: 475 S. Arlington Ave., Second Floor, 775-470-5492; Production Facility: 8565 White Fir St., 775-348-7481;; Find Brewers Cabinet on Facebook.
The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery 325 E. Fourth St.; 775-737-4330;; Find The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery on Facebook.
The Reno Homebrewer (beer and winemaking supplies) 2335 Dickerson Road; 775-329-2537;; Find The Reno Homebrewer on Facebook.
The Tap Wagon 775-453-6080;; Find The Tap Wagon on Facebook.
Total Wine & More 6671 S. Virginia St.; 775-853-3669;; Find Total Wine & More (Reno, NV) on Facebook.
Under the Rose Brewing Co. Original: 559 E. Fourth St., 775-657-6619; Midtown: 1041 S. Virginia St., 775-507-4155;; Find Under the Rose Brewing Company on Facebook.
Verdi Local Distillery 1155 Hwy. 40; 775-247-4628;; Find Verdi Local Distillery on Facebook.
Vino 100 1131 Steamboat Pkwy., Ste. 830; 775-851-8466;; Find Vino 100 Reno on Facebook.
Whispering Vine 4201 West Fourth St., 775-786-1323; 3886 Mayberry Drive, 775-787-WINE; 85 Foothill Road, 775-622-8080;; Find Whispering Vine Wine Co. on Facebook.
Whole Foods Market Tasting Room 6139 S. Virginia St.; 775-852-8023;; Find Whole Foods Market (Reno, NV) on Facebook.


Cold Water Brewery & Grill 2544 Lake Tahoe Blvd.; 530-544-4677;; Find Cold Water Brewery and Grill on Facebook.
Folk Brewing Co. 170 Shady Lane; 775-393-9588;; Find Folk Brewing Co. on Facebook.
Lake Tahoe AleWorX 2050 Lake Tahoe Blvd., Ste. 2050; 530-600-0442;; Find Lake Tahoe AleWorX on Facebook.
Moonhouse Brewhouse 2040 Dunlap Drive; 530-539-4819;; Find Moonhouse Brewhouse on Facebook.
Outpost Brewing Company 932 Stateline Ave., Ste. B; 530-494-9805; Find Outpost Brewing Company on Facebook.
Sidellis Lake Tahoe Brewery & Restaurant 3350 Sandy Way; 530-600-3999;; Find Sidellis Lake Tahoe Brewery and Restaurant on Facebook.
South Lake Brewing Company 1920 Lake Tahoe Blvd.; 530-578-0087;; Find South Lake Brewing Company on Facebook.
Stateline Brewery & Restaurant 4118 Lake Tahoe Blvd.; 530-542-9000;
Tahoe Brew Tours Offering both a North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe pickup location; 775-386-BREW (2739);; Find Tahoe Brew Tours on Facebook.
Tahoe Moonshine Distillery & Speakeasy 1611 Shop St., Ste. 4B; 530-542-1122; Find Tahoe Moonshine Distillery & Speakeasy on Facebook.
Tahoe Pourhouse 2042 Lake Tahoe Blvd.; 530-600-3775;; Find Tahoe Pourhouse on Facebook.
The Brewery at Lake Tahoe 3542 Lake Tahoe Blvd.; 530-544-BREW (2739);; Find The Brewery at Lake Tahoe on Facebook.
The Cork and More 1032 Al Tahoe Blvd.; 530-544-5253;; Find The Cork and More on Facebook.


BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse 425 Sparks Blvd.; 775-398-3550;; Find BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Sparks, NV) on Facebook.
Great Basin Brewing Co. 846 Victorian Ave.; 775-355-7711;; Find Great Basin Brewing Company on Facebook.
Occidental Taphouse Grill (inside Baldini’s Casino) 865 S. Rock Blvd.; 775-398-4200;
Revision Brewing Co. 380 S. Rock Blvd.; 775-331-2739;; Find Revision Brewing Company on Facebook.
Seven Troughs Distilling Co. 1155 Watson Way, Ste. 5; 775-219-9403;; Find Seven Troughs Distilling Co. on Facebook.


Uncorked (Wine Bar) 1750 Village East Road; 530-584-6090;; Find Uncorked Squaw Valley on Facebook.


Lassen Ale Works 724 Main St.; 530-257-7666;; Find Lassen Ale Works at the Pioneer Station on Facebook.


Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. (Brewpub) 475 N. Lake Blvd.; 530-581-4677;; Find Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company on Facebook.
Uncorked (Wine Bar) 475 N. Lake Blvd.; 530-581-1106;; Find Uncorked Tahoe City on Facebook.


Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House 10069 Bridge St.; 530-536-5029;; Find Alibi Ale Works on Facebook.
FiftyFifty Brewing Co. 11197 Brockway Road; 530-587-BEER;; Find FiftyFifty Brewing Co. on Facebook.
Mellow Fellow Gastropub 10192 Donner Pass Road; 530-214-8927;; Find Mellow Fellow of Truckee on Facebook.
Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. (brewery) 10990 Industrial Way; 530-587-3409; ; Find Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. on Facebook.
Uncorked (Wine Bar) 10118 Donner Pass Road; 530-550-5200;; Find Uncorked Truckee on Facebook.


Mellow Fellow Gastropub 171 S. C St.;; Find Mellow Fellow of Virginia City on Facebook.
Virginia City Brewery & Taphouse 62 N. C St.; 775-847-7064;; Find Virginia City Brewery & Taphouse on Facebook.
If you’d like information listed about your brewery, distillery, or bottle shop, please contact Jaci Goodman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for advertising opportunities. #ediblepartners




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