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Sipping a basil piña colada on a sunny Baja beach. Eating fresh-out-of-the-oven empanadas at a Basque grocery store in Boise. Appreciating perfectly prepared vegetables at a Napa restaurant. Pushing cows up a narrow ravine on horseback on the cattle drive near Reno. These are a few of my favorite moments from our travels over the last year.

It’s been busy (with the addition of edible Sacramento to our workload), but the last few months were punctuated with noteworthy trips, as you’ll see in this special travel edition.

Every place has a defining vibe, and each traveler has a different perspective. For us, visits to any locale are all about the food and drink. When we travel, we seek out treasured eateries, wineries, artisan foods, produce and meats from local farmers and ranchers, and experiences that help us better understand the authentic and diverse tastes of the area we are visiting. We try to live like locals, to a certain extent, as well as eat traditional foods and encounter new or original offerings. We also try to connect with the people, revealing the true soul of a region’s culture.

Our travels weren’t too exotic this year, but each spot featured a special sauce that we relished. For instance, I was wowed by Boise  — just about an hour’s flight away — and its clean streets, friendly people, and vibrant food-and-drink scene. I could live in beautiful Baja, scarfing down fresh street tacos and margaritas every day. The wining and dining choices in Napa  are legendarily abundant, but we loved picking out the natural and sustainable choices. Reno’s cattle drive is an unforgettable journey marked by gourmet cowboy grub.

In addition to our four travel stories, you’ll find features on Reno-Tahoe treasures to help you enjoy winter even more. For one, microgreens are nutrient-packed morsels of goodness that grow year-round in local greenhouses and garages. Meet the people who tend and sell them.

I was inspired by our story on the culinary program at El Dorado County Jail in South Lake Tahoe. Cooking is changing lives!

Need a present for that special someone? Check out our holiday gift guideor get motivated to make your own creations.

We hope you savor this edition’s features. Please don’t forget to support our advertisers. Without their assistance we could not chronicle the important and fascinating stories of our local food-and-drink culture. And there are so many to tell!

Happy winter!

About the Cover Kelli Cameron, daughter of edible Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos publishers designed our special travel issue cover. Cameron is a high school senior and graphic designer, who looks forward to continuing her career as an artist when she graduates.

Clarification In our fall 2017 story on Drunken Monkey, we inaccurately reported that FiftyFifty in Truckee is the producer of Omission, a gluten-free beer. It’s brewed by Widmer Brewing in Portland. We regret the error.




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