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For many people, meat is an important element of most meals. Whether it’s chicken mixed into a stir-fry, a pork stew, spring lamb, or a thick steak taking center stage on the plate, meat may be enjoyed several times a week or once a month as a special treat. In this edition, we’re paying homage to the delicacy.

Because I have a penchant for stories about unusual subjects, I decided to look into one-of-a-kind animals that ranchers are raising here. In the process, I met locals tending heirloom chickens, turkeys, pigs, bison, cattle, sheep, and more.

Keeping along the meat theme, we introduce you to some of our area’s best butchers who are keeping the art alive and well in Reno-Tahoe. We interviewed six butchers who embrace traditional methods, sticking to their roots to provide customers with quality products. Don’t miss their great meat-preparation tips and tricks.

A great way to support local ranchers, save money, and receive a plethora of cuts is to sign up for a meat-share program. You may buy a quarter, half, or full animal and store the cuts in your freezer at home.

Essential assets to local ranchers are their herding dogs. You’ll meet a couple of local working pups and learn how they contribute to the farm and the family. As Wendy Baroli of GirlFarm in Reno puts it, “They outwork just about any human, never complain, and ask for very little other than your devotion in return.”

Also in this edition, we introduce you to several key faces in Nevada organics. Learn about the new certifying group, Basin and Range Organics, and how its members hope to save local organic producers money and support the movement. They even want to expand certification to organic meats, eggs, cheeses, and honey. That’s an initiative that every one of us should support.

In time for Earth Day, you’ll find an informative green guide in this edition. It offers helpful details on recycling, a list of Earth Day events in the region, and a feature on eco-conscious ventures in which local business owners are engaged. We all can do more to support the environment. So this spring, let’s vow to reduce our waste, recycle more, conserve water, buy local goods, and grow our own food.





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