what's in season

March - April (weather dependent)

Written by Phylis Shafer

web Carrot.3
Spring Vegetables, 2020, 13.5 x 21 inches, gouache on toned paper


Arugula, Asian greens, beets, carrots, chard, collard greens, kale, lettuce mixes, mizuna, mustard greens, parsley, radishes, spinach, and turnips
Note: In mid-March, start warm-season crop seedlings indoors.


Arugula, Asian greens, beets, carrots, chard, cilantro, collard greens, Daikon radishes, green onions, kale, leeks, lettuce mixes, mizuna, mustard greens, parsley, peas, spinach, and turnips


Artist profile
Phyllis Shafer

“Initially, my attraction to this subject matter was the intense richness of colors and the colors that I associate with springtime. Red-violet radicchio and multicolored carrots against a green ground always are going to be pleasing to the eye. Beyond aesthetics, my relationship with these vegetables attests to a dietary shift that my husband and I have ascribed to in recent years. Thanks to some very knowledgeable and dedicated health professionals here in South Lake Tahoe, we have become educated in the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. It also has been a great adventure finding out how delicious this kind of cooking can be.” 

Originally from New York, and after a 10-year stint in the San Francisco Bay Area, Phyllis Shafer is an artist now living in South Lake Tahoe. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley and has been a full-time professor of art and art history at Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe. Shafer also teaches a plein-air painting workshop at Sierra Nevada College each summer. As a practicing artist, Shafer has exhibited her work nationally and internationally since 1984. She currently is represented by the Stremmel Gallery in Reno, where she has had seven solo exhibitions. In 2014, the Nevada Museum of Art staged a mid-career retrospective exhibition of her paintings titled I Only Went Out for a Walk. For details about Shafer’s art career, visit Phyllisshafer.com.




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