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In today’s world, pizza sits atop a cauliflower crust, milk (er ... mylk?) comes from nuts, and you’d better believe that smoothie has kale and adaptogens in it. We’re paying more attention than ever to what we’re putting in our bodies and how it affects our well-being, but that doesn’t mean it’s coming at the detriment of flavor or convenience. 

We’ve rounded up five wellness products sourced from the region and designed to help keep you healthy (no promises about wealthy or wise).*

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Dr. Ni’s OC2 Calcium Creatine

Developed by Reno Orthopedic Clinic musculoskeletal specialist Dr. Naomi L. Albertson, Dr. Ni’s OC2 Calcium Creatine is formulated to support bone health and promote muscle strength for adults ages 35 and up. The vanilla-flavored supplement powder contains optimal amounts of calcium citrate, magnesium, and vitamin D3 for promoting high-quality bone growth and density. Creatine helps build and maintain better muscle strength from exercise. It can be mixed into water, yogurt, smoothies, and more. $29.95. 

Find it in Reno at the Shop at ROC, Battle Born Health Physical Therapy, American Iron Gym, Double Edge Fitness, Eclipse Running, The Back Doctors, and Saint Mary’s Integrated and Family Medicine, and online at Boneandmuscle.com

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Aloha Medicinals’ Pure Chaga

Carson City’s Aloha Medicinals Natural Products offers a line of functional mushrooms in powder and capsule form. Pure Chaga is a unique blend of cultivated and wild-crafted chaga mushrooms, which often are used as a source of antioxidants, phytosterols, and betulinic acid (triterpenes). The fungus grows on birch trees and, according to the company, may support anti-aging efforts, balance metabolic systems, boost the immune system, and act as an anti-inflammatory. The powder can be mixed into hot water for an earthy beverage or used in a smoothie. $24.95 for a four-ounce bag. 

Find it online at Alohamedicinals.com

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Jüs’ Wheatgrass Apple Shot 

With a little flavor assistance from apple juice, the bottled Wheatgrass Apple shot has a high concentration of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C, and E. It’s one of dozens of healthy juice and smoothie blends coming out of jüs. $3.25. Find it at jüs’ two locations in Reno. 

For details, visit Jusreno.com.

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NOW Foods’ Ashwagandha 

Adaptogens, a class of plants that helps the body fight stressors and maintain balance, are enjoying a mainstream moment after centuries of use in Chinese, Scandinavian, and Ayurvedic healing, to name a few. You’ll find ashwagandha, one of the most popular adaptogens used to combat everyday stress and support the immune system, in everything from sparkling waters to protein powders. NOW Foods in Sparks produces ashwagandha tablets that make a great addition to any supplement routine. $16.99 for 90 capsules. 

Find ashwagandha in Reno at Natural Grocers, The Vitamin Connection, and the Natural Advantage Health Shoppe; in Carson City at Life Stream Health Foods; and online at Nowfoods.com

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Kirkman’s Broccoli Seed Extract – Enzyme Activated

Reno supplement producer Kirkman has been in business since 1949. This broccoli seed extract product provides antioxidant activity and immune system support, according to the company. The added broccoli enzyme, myrosinase, supports the body’s conversion of glucoraphanin to sulforaphane, a key component of broccoli that may help bolster overall wellness. $45 for 60 capsules. 

Find it in supplement aisles in stores around Reno-Tahoe, and online at Kirkmangroup.com

* Please consult a health care professional before incorporating any of these products into your diet. 

Claire McArthur is a freelance writer who has been known to cleanse her house with sage while sipping an adaptogenic latte. 




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