what's in season


Growing in the Reno-Tahoe region


whats in season


September - October

Early October

Fruits: apples (summer and fall), apricots, Asian pears, blackberries, cherries (sweet and tart), grapes (table and wine), jujubes, nectarines, pears, plums, raspberries

Early Autumn Harvest: almonds, beans (bush and pole), chives (garlic and common), corn (sweet and dent), eggplants, garlic (dry storage), ginger (a Hawaiian variety from Custom Gardens in Silver Springs, Nev.), ground cherries, melons (Hearts of Gold, watermelon, and more), onions (bulb and green), peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, squashes (summer and winter), tomatillos, tomatoes, walnuts, zucchinis

Culinary Herbs and Edible Flowers: basil, calendula, dill, lavender, marigold, mint, nasturtium, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, savory (summer), tarragon, thyme

Late October/Early November

Fruits: apples, pears

Late Autumn Harvest: arugula, basil (from indoor operations), beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, chard, collard greens, corn (feed), garlic (dry storage; plant for next year’s harvest in October), ginger (a Hawaiian variety from Custom Gardens in Silver Springs, Nev.), kale, mixed lettuces, mizuna, onions, parsley, parsnips, pumpkins, radishes, rutabagas, squashes (winter), turnips


About the artist

“In this piece, I wanted to capture the time when all the vegetables in the garden are at their peak of ripeness and have the most vibrant colors,” Slingland says, “the time when they are ready for harvesting and cooking for a feast with friends and family.”

The Art Nouveau style of this oil painting lends a romantic and natural sense to the plants’ composition that gives a simple grandness to a garden ready to be picked. 

Dale Slingland works hard at capturing the natural world in a romantic and surreal way, finding the smaller, less noticed, forgotten creatures and plants and giving them an intriguing form and composition.

Slingland currently is working on group shows and his first solo exhibit. NadaDada was a great leap forward for his art career. Dale has exhibited his work in the Reno area in places such as the 5 Star Saloon, Jolt ‘n’ Java Cafe, the Wildflower Village’s Open Door Gallery, TRS Gallery, NADAgras, The Isles, Reno Art Works, and the Truckee Meadows Community College Art Show, where he won honorable mention. He also has painted an art table for the Great Basin Brewing Co. and a newspaper box for the Reno News & Review. His work mostly consists of oil paintings on canvas or artist board, but he also has done pastels, watercolor pencil, and photography.

To contact Singland or see more of his work, visit http://www.Facebook.com/d.slingland or http://www.Dale-slingland.blogspot.com.




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