Vegan Mushroom Bisque

(courtesy of Josh Berreman, chef of Heritage restaurant, at Whitney Peak Hotel, in Reno)

"Keep it simple!" he says. "I make wonderful soups, and they never have more than a couple ingredients. That's it! The beauty lies in the texture and honoring the integrity of the vegetable."

Bunch of mushroom scraps

½ onion

½ cup Olive oil

Splash water

Splash sherry vinegar

1 Butternut squash

1 lemon

Pinch salt

Dash of Tabasco

Roast mushroom scraps and onion with some olive oil, blended them in the Vitamix with water, and seasoned with salt, a dash of Tabasco, and a splash of sherry vinegar. In winter, when butternut squash is around, I do butternut squash, onions, squash, lemon, and salt.