Summertime is synonymous with local food here in Reno-Tahoe — or at least it should be. There’s nothing better than biting into a perfectly ripe cherry tomato from Fallon, slicing up a Yerington onion for your gazpacho, topping your sandwich/salad combo with some baby greens … or is there? What if you could meet your farmer and learn about where and how that tomato was grown — right from the grocery store or restaurant menu?

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Technology is amazing – meet your farmer from your phone! 

Of course, when you can visit a farm or farmers’ market and get to know the farmer growing your food in person, you should do it. However, we know you are busy, life gets in the way, and the growing season seems to fly by more quickly every year. As you get to know the farmer growing your food, you gain appreciation for all the work that went into nourishing your body!

And that’s exactly why the Meet Your Farmer app is there for you! With just your smartphone, you can meet about 20 local farmers (depending on what’s in season) while grocery shopping at the Great Basin Community Food Co-op. This app was created thanks to support from the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s (NDA) Specialty Crop Block Grant and Neon Agency.

During each Meet Your Farmer video, you’ll meet the person (or people!) running the farm your food came from. You’ll get a brief introduction to their operation, learn how far your food traveled to get here, and, hopefully, discover something new about local agriculture.

Want to learn more? Visit the Great Basin co-op to try out the Meet Your Farmer app. Just follow these simple instructions, and you can use the app anytime (or give it a shot now):

  1. Download Aurasma from the iTunes or Google Play app stores.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Search for “MYF public” and follow the first option.
  4. Go to the main screen and tap the square at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Put the greens in your phone’s camera (yes, that photo down there), watch, and enjoy!

MYF New Harvest Rev

This app is the first of its kind in the United States, and while it only works in the co-op right now, it’s coming to restaurants in the Reno-Tahoe area soon. So stay tuned, and, for now, be sure to download the app and meet a farmer or two on your next trip to the co-op. It’ll tie you over until your next farm visit!

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NOTE: This is a sponsored post.

This project was funded by the Nevada Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and created by Neon Agency. The Nevada Department of Agriculture promotes a business climate that is fair, economically viable and encourages environmental stewardship that serves to protect food, fiber and human health and safety through effective service and education. The NDA includes the five divisions of Administration, Animal Industry, Consumer Equitability, Food and Nutrition and Plant Industry.