We may be approaching the middle of summer, but fear not my fellow foodies, The Farmers Market at The Summit is back this season. Follow the aisles to limes and tomatoes and beets… Oh my! Check it out on Tuesdays and Saturdays, now through September from 9am – 1pm. There are plenty of reasons to love this tradition, but here are just a few of our favorite Farmers Market perks.



1. Fresh, homegrown foods. It’s not a juicy secret that farm fresh produce is majorly delicious. A grocery store produce aisle just can’t compete with vine-ripened fruits and freshly-picked vegetables. Plus, most vendors sell organic foods that are in season, so from a health perspective you can’t beat the booths of a Farmers Market. So, get out there my friends and gather up the end of the early summer favorites like strawberries, peaches, cherries, squash, and zucchini before the tomatoes, melons, and corn steal the show.



2. Hand-crafted food goods. Besides fresh produce for you to enjoy in your own cooking, you can also find many homemade foods and packaged products at The Summit Farmers Market. You’ll love the (no pasta), sauces, cooking oils and baked goods. And be sure to try the fresh spices, teas, and honey for sale. Some favorite vendors that will be back this year include Minton Family Farms, Dwelley Farms, Fruit Factory, Levi’s Pies and Paul Schat's Bakery.


3. Support local farmers and businesses. The Summit Farmers Market brings together many local growers and vendors, making it easy for you to support businesses in your community. What’s better than boosting the local economy and enjoying delicious food?


4. Get new recipes. Those local farmers are also an excellent source for ideas and information on cooking and serving the food they grow. Most will be happy to share recommendations on recipes, cooking techniques, and even other produce that will complement the kind you just picked up. Ask the vendors how they serve their strawberries, or for new ways to cook carrots, and you might learn some new culinary tricks to try out this summer.


5. Environmentally-friendly. Rather than purchasing produce that has been shipped on a truck from out of town, or that required giant machines to harvest and sort, farmers market produce is usually produced on a smaller, more environmentally friendly scale. Plus, local farms tend to use less chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which is better for you and for the planet. Pick up some grass-fed beef and cage-free eggs at the market to round out your contribution to the green movement. We can’t think of a more fresh or pleasant way to spend a summer morning than visiting the Farmers Market at The Summit. The Summit is located at the intersection of I-395 and Mt. Rose Highway and the market is held in the Center Plaza next to Vans. We will be there every Tuesday and Saturday from 9am to 1pm, now through September. While you visit, you can even check out the other offerings at The Summit, like shopping, restaurants, and beautiful outdoor gathering spaces.


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