Wine And Dine

Northstar's Mountain Table Dinner offers food to remember, even for a vegetarian 

By Erin Meyering


Seasonally, Northstar hosts a coursed dinner series at Zephyr Lodge, a grand cabin overlooking the Sierra skyline at the top of the mountain. Each dinner offers a carefully crafted menu, paired with selections from elite wineries. 

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Warm or Cool Weather, Enjoy "Cinnful" Cookies

Heidi Gansert, local entrepreneur, chief of staff, and triathlete shares her delicious cookie recipe!

By Erin Meyering

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Read Gansert's incredible story here. She's done a lot in our local community, in business and in government. She's even run the Boston Marathon four times. After you read her story, make her cinnamon cookies, perfect for a movie night inside away from the cold, or even an upcoming spring barbecue or party. You won't be sorry. 

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Going Green

Here's Campo's kale salad recipe — the best salad you'll ever have!

By Erin Meyering

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Hometown Health, Renown Hospital's healthy living group, was able to get chef Mark Estee's unbelievably delicious kale salad recipe. And boy, aren't we thankful?

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We scream for ice cream — even in winter

Have you ever considered making ice cream with fresh snow?

By Erin Meyering


It's anywhere between 15 and 45 degrees F. We know you may not be reaching for the frozen sweet treats yet, but we have an idea that may make you reconsider. We've found a recipe for making ice cream with fresh snow. We're serious. It's easy, it's a little weird, but it's absolutely delicious. 

The basic recipe calls for just four ingredients: freshly scooped (clean) snow, sweetened condensed milk, salt, and vanilla extract. The snow goes into a big bowl first, then the sweetened condensed milk, and finally the salt and vanilla extract. Combine, until the mixture feels, looks, and tastes like ice cream. Enjoy plain, or add flavor and/or toppings. 

If you're looking for more flavor, combine the snow ice cream recipe with the ones we have here, including lavender-honey and basic vanilla bean. Or take inspiration from one of our awesome ice cream parlors in Reno, Icecycle Creamery. This little spot has uncommon flavors, such as Fresh Basil and Sweet Potato Casserole. 

So, even though it's the middle of winter – we dare you! 

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Local caramel sauce versatile and perfect for Valentine’s Day

Written by Erin Meyering


In our first-ever issue dedicated entirely to drinks, we created a list of drinkable Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to wow your loved ones’ tastebuds. 

One of those gifts is Cathy Thorne’s homemade caramel sauce, a recipe handed down from her great-grandmother. 

Have your caramel sauce, and drink it too. Here are some additional ideas on how to use this delectable caramel as a drinkable treat. 
  • Cider with bourbon caramel sauce
  • Mexican coffee with tequila and sea salt caramel
  • Snuggler with hot chocolate and peppermint chocolate caramel sauce
  • Banana and coffee caramel sauce smoothie
  • Hot cocoa with chocolate caramel sauce


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Satisfying recipes easily made outdoors, in a trailer, or an RV

As the weather warms up and camping season is near, we unpack our gear — ready for adventure, ready for smores, and ready for savory comfort food. All of the recipes below are tailored to be made outdoors, or in a trailer/RV, with few ingredients. 

Spicy Sausage with Grilled Veggies: This recipe is quick, easy, and completely satisying whether you're coming in from a long hike, or just hanging around the campfire sharing stories. There are only a few ingredients to pack, and you can swap out different vegetables according to your preference and taste. 

Fresh Garlic with Garden Tomatoes: It's hot outside and you need a snack. As long as you can keep the ingredients cool until serving, you'll be perfectly refreshed after indugling in this healthy, yet flavorful, snack. 

Peach Cranberry Cobbler: Camping, and being outdoors, is no reason to skip dessert. Indulge in this simple recipe, which is prepared in a dutch oven. You can have smores, too. We won't tell. Try the leftovers (if there are any) for breakfest with a cup of joe. 

Parker's Beef Stew: Another Dutch Oven Diva classic. This is the recipe if you're hungry and need some sustainance. It takes about two hours, but is well worth the wait. 

Lost City Farm Kale and Quinoa Salad: You'll need some greens to go with all that beef stew. Just because you're camping, doesn't mean you can forget the food pyramid, plus this is refreshing and lite, perfect for a sweltering hot day.

Mango and Grilled Corn Salad: Try this sweet and savory salad as a snack when you're playing gin rummy, or chess mid-day. Make sure you get that perfect char on the corn for extra flavor and texture. 

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Truckee River's water finally allocated under new regulations 

Written by Erin Meyering

The recent settlement will reserve more water for times of drought, helping area farmers and ranchers. 

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Most Popular Stories of 2015

Revist the top five articles of this year. 

Written by Erin Meyering

Because the new year is right around the corner, we wanted to go back and look at some of our best. So, you clicked, and we tracked. Here's a round-up of the stories with the most clicks on our website this year. We hope you enjoy them just as much as you did when they were first published, or if you're reading for the first time — indulge! 

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12 Days of Recipes

Savory and sweet treats to you and your loved ones from edible Reno-Tahoe. 

Compiled by Erin Meyering

12 Days of Recipes Title Sheet

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Let There Be Chickens and Bees 

Limited Urban Agriculture Approved in Sparks

Written by Erin Meyering

Events chicken2

Lovers of backyard chickens and beehives (and honey) received good news in mid-October when Sparks City Council members voted to allow them in certain neighborhoods of the city for the first time in more than 10 years. The ordinance and its approval were four years in the making.

Concerned citizens who attended the public meeting expressed support for urban agriculture in Sparks, especially chickens. Several attendees were chicken owners and described how important they have been to their own well-being, and their children’s knowledge of where their food comes from.

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